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Game Guiders Acquires Mafia Game Inc.

Apr 8

It was announced today that Game Guiders had purchased Mafia Game Inc., a producer of role-playing games, in a deal valued at an undisclosed sum


The online publication Game Guiders is aiming to improve the overall quality of the content it provides to its users and subscribers by leveraging the experience of the Mafia Game Inc. team.


April 2022, New York. With the acquisition of Mafia Game Inc., an online publication that provides news and reviews on the gaming industry, Game Guiders has expanded its reach into the gaming industry in general.

Mafia Game Inc. is a video game development company that was started in 2004 by two video game creators who wanted to make their own games. On the 16th day of April, the organizations announced the decision in an official capacity, according to their executive teams.

As a result, when the team approached Mafia Gaming Inc late last year about the prospect of acquiring the company, the company was impressed by their knowledge of the gaming industry and wanted them to become an integral part of the company.

The agreement was reached on March 10th, following a short process that only lasted several months and involved several parties that were interested in the outcome of the negotiations.


“The founders from Mafia Game Inc. were the first people we met, and as a result of our shared experiences with them, we quickly became great friends,” said Grunt Knuckles, Lead Editor of Game Guiders. “We were all on the same page and confident that, by working together, we could accomplish great things.”


In order to achieve this, Game Guiders' mission is to educate and inform readers about the gaming industry.

As a result, the company's acquisition of Mafia Game Inc makes perfect business sense in terms of business strategy.

According to the organization, the acquisition of Mafia Game Inc. will result in a significant improvement in both the quality of the material and the frequency with which it is made available as a result of this transaction.


The Mafia Game Inc website, which can be visited at, will be redirected to the Game Guiders website and the change will take effect immediately and without further notice.


Grunt Knuckles stated that he is "very optimistic about the future and about what we can accomplish as a group."


About Game Guiders.


Besides reporting on gaming industry news and trends, Game Guiders offers unique content on a regular basis. Game Guiders publishes original material in addition to reporting on news and trends in the gaming industry. In addition to reporting on news and trends in the gaming industry, Game Guiders publishes original content in addition to reporting on news and trends in the gaming industry. In addition to reporting on the latest breakthroughs in game consoles such as the Xbox One and Playstation 2, the team is also tasked with informing the public about technical advances.

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